Hawaii My Way



What kind of Hawaii traveler are you? If you could create your ideal Hawaii trip, would it include a day of surfing, a hike through lush forests, whale watching off the coast, or just relaxing on the beach?

Take the Delta Vacations Hawaii My Way quiz to discover your Hawaiian travel persona, complete with details on how to enjoy a trip to Hawaii and what your day would include.

Are you a…

Culture Seeker

Learning about the land, people and history is part of your ideal vacation.


Family Traveler

Your vacation is a family affair with activities that every member can enjoy, making memories along the way.


Adventure Seeker

Mother nature is your concierge, and you like to stay active. Outdoors, on the move and trying new things is your vacation mindset.


Urban Traveler

You love the nightlife, experiencing the city life and all it has to offer.


Girls Weekender

When you’re planning a vacation with your friends, you try to find the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement for the whole group.


Romance Traveler

A vacation to you is the opportunity to get closer with your significant other, and a trip to any paradise is always better with someone close to you.



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