Extreme Experiences in Las Vegas


“We’ve brought in a great guest blogger for Vegas Week, he knows everything about Las Vegas. Bill Cody or also known as @VegasBill on twitter is here to tell us about some extreme experiences that you MUST do next time you are in Las Vegas…bet you didn’t even know these existed!” -Sean

Las Vegas is all about the thrills and chills and I bet you haven’t heard about these two heart pumping experiences, Dream Racing and Dig This experiences. From the refined cockpit of a Ferrari F430GT race car to the interior of a Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozer it is time to put down those cards at the poker table and rock your world.

Want to feel like a celebrity in Vegas as you walk the red carpet? Dream Racing provides complimentary transportation from Crystals at CityCenter to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, about 20 minutes from the Strip. Upon arrival you’re greeted by a hostess, in a luxury welcome center, before you learn how to drive like a pro in a 3D simulator session by your own professional driver. Then you’re escorted to the driver’s personal changing room and make your transformation into a race car driver.

As your heart beats faster moving towards the race track wearing a racing suit, a head sock and a cool looking helmet outfitted with a microphone and speakers you’re greeted by your own red carpet and velvet ropes.

The pit crew greets you and the ropes unlock like the parting of the waves. Your life seems in slow motion as you head toward the red hot V8 Ferrari F430 GT, 512 HP at 8500 rpm and 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds! Yes, this is the only non-street legal Ferrari in Las Vegas.

Slip into your racing seat with the assistance of the crew that fits like a fine Italian leather racing glove. Grip the steering wheel with an automatic clutch. Your professional driver gives you the ok from the passenger seat. Then paddle shift your way 110+ mph as you hug the turns and rev that engine with every straight away and spine tingling corner. Hope you brought your racing shoes because this isn’t your daddy’s Mustang.

Want to see how you compare to a professional driver? Hop into the passenger seat of the Ferrari and a professional driver will take you through the twists and turns of a white knuckle “Hot Lap” experience.

Continue the fun and excitement in an adult sandbox and massive construction machines for everyone, from 14 years old to 114 both men and women, located just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Step into a Caterpillar bulldozer or excavator and leave the “ordinary” behind at Dig This.

First step is classroom construction on little Tonka Trucks before you upgrade to the “Big Boy Toys.” Then outfitted with headsets you converse with your instructor via the mics as you control the heavy construction equipment with in-cab training.

Within a few short minutes of learning the controls you start on your 90-minute experience of digging, trenching, pushing, and dragging your haul around the lot all while maneuvering from within the air conditioned cab.

Choose the bulldozer and dig a big ditch, build huge mounds, serpentine with 800 lb tires and teeter-totter over a mega mound that you created! When you see nothing but sky from the cab of your giant earth mover and reach the crest of your man-made mound you realize this is BIG fun.

If you picked the excavator then you’ll get to dig big trenches, stack 2,000 tires and test your skills as you play excavator basketball. Feel like showboating? Then spin the cab in circles and see the city as never before.

Once finished, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to show all of your friends and family. Something they might think you only just dreamt about on your latest trip to Las Vegas. They’ll definitely be envious.

Next time you visit Vegas and you have the need for speed like a celebrity at Dream Racing or have been excited for the very unconventional playing in a big adult sandbox at Dig This it can be a reality. Get ready for extraordinary big fun!

Photo Credit: Bill Cody

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