Day Trip to Cozumel

Day Trip to Cozumel

If you tuned in to my last blog, then you know I was reminiscing about my trip with my mom to the Riviera Maya, Mexico. What an amazing place that is! At the end of my post, I mentioned a great day trip hopping over to the island of Cozumel. While exploring Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya, if you are in the downtown area, chances are you’ll spot the pier and ferry. In my humble opinion, that’s all the incentive you need to grab a ticket and climb aboard for an entertaining 45-minute ride across the little strip of ocean separating Cozumel from mainland Mexico. Chances are, there will be plenty of interesting people to watch…and our ferry even came complete with a hilarious, Mexican-tunes-playing band! They kept us all entertained, so it felt like no time had passed before we were docking at the island and stepping onto Cozumel’s shores.


Once you land, it feels like you’ve left Mexico and are setting foot onto a quintessential Caribbean island. My mom and I were pretty excited to be there, since we had visited a few years ago on a family cruise. It was a ton of fun for us to reminisce and see all of the old and new sights. We passed the same conch shell stand (or at least we liked to think it was the same one!) sat at the same fountain where years ago we had taken a family photo and we even ate at the same restaurant (Palmeras, located right on the edge of the Cozumel’s town square with gorgeous views of the ocean). Delicious. Ask for the chicken tostadas. They may not be on the menu, but just ask your friendly waiter and they’ll be more than happy to make them for you. Tostadas are the best food ever invented!

Tostadas - Cozumel

My mom and I enjoyed the sunshine and just wandered around town, perusing all the cute little shops located around the town square. For fun things to do on your day trip to Cozumel, you can rent a motor bike and whiz around the island, see “The World’s Smallest Hard Rock Café,” take a deep-sea fishing excursion, and eat and shop to your heart’s content. There are plenty of little jewelry and souvenir shops around the town square, in fact, that’s the only place we shopped while we were there. Make sure to peek into all the little stalls and hole-in-the-wall stores and you’re sure to find some treasures just like we did!


We had a lot of fun on our little day trip to Cozumel. Perhaps one of the highlights of our day was our return to the Riviera Maya, when we hopped off the ferry and decided to walk along the soft, white-sand beach all the way back to our resort, THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen, as the sun began to set behind us. Twas a beautiful day. I would highly recommend a trip to the Riviera Maya and at least a day trip, if not an overnight stay, on the lovely island of Cozumel.

Walk from the ferry - Cozumel

Stay tuned ‘til next time and I’ll tell you all about our stay at THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen.

Have you traveled to Cozumel recently? Tell us about it!

– Jess from Delta Vacations

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One Response to “Day Trip to Cozumel”

  1. craigsanatomy says:

    We loved our trip to Cozumel! We stayed there for a week and it was awesome.

    If you have a little more time – rent a jeep and drive around the island! Plan on lunch at Punta Sur, and spend the afternoon snorkeling down there on the reef just past the lighthouse.

    Or, if you just want miles of beach to yourself, the east coast of the island is gorgeous, and normally pretty open.