US Virgin Islands – St. John America’s Caribbean Paradise Part II

US Virgin Islands – St. John

Now that we’ve left my previous post on St. Thomas and jumped the ferry over to St. John, let me tell you why this was my favorite island!

More than two-thirds of St. John has been preserved as the Virgin Islands National Park through a gift by Laurance Rockefeller. Because of this, St. John is known as the most scenic and undeveloped of the three islands. The beaches and views from this island are breathtaking. A must-see spot on St. John is Trunk Bay—the most photographed beach (you’ll see why when you gaze at the picture below). This is the perfect spot to snorkel and simply relax on the beautiful white sand beach. It is a popular beach for those looking to try snorkeling for the very first time, as there is an underwater trail that is easily reached and is close to land. One could easily spend an entire day at Trunk Bay!

St. John Beach

Since St. John is the least developed island, you can imagine the endless opportunities to explore the island and find your own piece of paradise. If you are comfortable with driving on the left side of the road and maneuvering steep hills at times, then I highly recommend renting a vehicle. Otherwise there are, of course, taxi services that can drive you from place to place or give you a tour of the island. While on the island of St. John, you can try out a long list of activities, such as snorkeling, diving, hiking, kayaking, fishing, sailing…and the list could go on and on! Or if you choose to simply sit and relax and take it all in, there are several beaches where you can do just that. The opportunities are endless!

Westin St. John

When it comes to accommodations on the island, there are not as many choices as there are on St. Thomas and St. Croix; however, Delta Vacations currently offers The Westin and will soon be adding another hotel. The Westin St. John was my home on the island for 3 nights and it was wonderful! My beachfront room had a great view of the beach and bay—and I must say, the Heavenly Beds are amazing! After a long day of meetings and touring the islands, I looked forward to sighing zzz’s on the lush Heavenly Bed; it truly is a piece of heaven! Since I was in a beachfront room, looking out from my balcony I could see the sailboats and yachts anchored in the bay, and further out, islands dotted the way as far as I could see, giving me a true sense of freedom and the urge to explore. St. John is truly one of a kind and as I stated before, my favorite of the 3 US Virgin islands!

Okay, we first landed in St. Thomas and then made our way via ferry to St. John—well, now it’s time to take a ferry back to St. Thomas and an adventurous seaplane ride over to St. Croix, our last stop.

-Deanna from Delta Vacations

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