Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb – What to expect

Syndey Harbour Bridge Climb

One of the highlights of my trip to Australia was climbing to the top of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. If there’s one thing I can say about the climb, it’s “wow.” Seeing Sydney from 440 feet above the harbour is just spectacular! It really gives you a great perspective on the city, the islands, proximity to the ocean, and just how large the city really is. Almost more impressive than the views, is the operation that BridgeClimb Sydney has perfected.

Here’s what to expect on your Sydney Harbour Bridge climb:

Choose your climb: You have 3 climbs to choose from. The Discovery climb takes you along the inner arch of the bridge while the Bridge Climb follows the outer arch of the bridge, both of which take 3.5 hours to complete. If you’re short on time, try the 2.5-hour Express Climb, similar to the discovery climb but moving at a faster pace with a smaller group size. All climbs get you to the very top of the bridge, all include a free picture of your group and all experience the same amazing views from the bridge summit. All climbs are the same price starting at $188 AUD and in my opinion are well worth it!

Getting started: First, be warned, everyone is required to take a breathalyzer test beforehand so take it easy the night before or hold off on the afternoon cocktails. Next you’re provided with a full climbing suit that either fits over your current clothes, or you can take off any restrictive clothing and store them in the provided lockers. Be sure to come prepared wearing supportive, close-toed, rubber-soled shoes. Hats and sunglasses are allowed, but you are required to use the straps provided. Once in your climbing suit, it’s off to the prepping room where you’ll be fitted with a harness and given the choice to take gloves, handkerchief, jacket, warm hat, etc. depending on the weather. All of these items are attached to your suit or harness.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climb Preparation: Next up is a climb simulation which lets you experience the toughest part of the climb and the ladders before setting foot on the bridge. If you are afraid of heights, the ladders can be a difficult part of the climb and the simulation will give you an idea of what to expect. One of the girls in my group was extremely afraid of heights… but she did the whole climb and really enjoyed herself.

On the Bridge: From there, it’s out to the bridge. You are given a radio and headset so the super-knowledgeable leader can tell you some of the history and facts about the bridge and Sydney. You walk on the lower rail of the bridge over the catwalks (my favorite part, but I love heights), then up the stairs to the top of the bridge. That’s when the real “climb” begins. Your guide will take it slow going up so feel free to rest frequently and enjoy the views.

Sydney Harbour Bride Climb Catwalk

The Sydney Harbour bridge climb was a first-class experience and the whole time I felt like I was in great hands with the BridgeClimb Sydney team. You can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at all times of the day: sunrise, mid-day, or evening and they climb in rain or shine (although not in high winds or when there’s lightning). You won’t be allowed to bring your camera on the bridge but you are welcome to buy pictures at the completion of your climb.

For more information visit: BridgeClimb Sydney

Has anyone else done the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb?

-Lindsey from Delta Vacations

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  • Lynne

    Did the bridge climb a couple of years ago…LOVED IT!! It’s not just for the very young & fit; even with my asthma I made it fine. You do climb hundreds of steps though, so start your step exercises weeks before you go. I like to brag to my friends & family…”I did the bridge climb before Oprah!” :)

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