Best Places to Travel With Kids

Best Places to Travel with Kids

Living in Minnesota over the winter months can take a toll. When my 4 year old said “mom, can we PLEASE go visit the sun?” I realized that my whole family needed a vacation more than ever.

Many people think you can’t travel to your favorite destinations with kids but as long as you just keep a few key things in mind, you might find that your favorite destination can also be a great place to travel with kids.

I look for some key things, such the distance from the airport and whether the resort has options for the kids (kiddy pool, playground, kids club, etc). Then, I bring along a few favorite toys and we simply make the best of the adventure.

Cancun, Mexico was the destination of choice for our family -
Picture your little one making a sand castle on the beach, swimming in a kiddy pool, eating and drinking WHENEVER they want. Now imagine getting a massage or playing golf while your kids are having fun at the kids club. That is exactly what you get at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

Here is why Cancun was a perfect getaway for our family:

  • Not too long of a flight (enough time to watch a movie and eat Biscoff cookies)
  • Chose a hotel not far from the airport (15-minute transfer)
  • Opted for all-inclusive option where kids were FREE so we could eat, drink whatever- whenever and did not have to worry about leaving the resort
  • Resort had multiple pools so that in the event spring breakers had arrived, we could simply go to another pool
  • Like many of the resorts, ours had a playground right on the beach
  • Beaches are amazing! The sand was so soft and perfect for playing on the beach. The beachfront is so wide so we never worried about the kids getting too close to the ocean


    Picture 304


    Looking for other options?
    The Caribbean also has many wonderful kid-friendly resorts and there are often specials for kids to eat, play, and stay for free.

    You can’t beat Theme Park vacations for the little ones.

  • Walt Disney World for a visit with Micky Mouse and the gang.
  • Philadelphia is the home of Sesame Place, the perfect amusement park for toddlers, featuring rides with the Sesame Street characters.

    My daughter’s favorite place in the world is Hawaii . If you are nervous about a longer flight, we have some tips for air-travel with kids.

    It does not end there; there are many more kid-friendly destinations and resorts for you to choose from.

    The most important tip: go on vacation with your kids! Just remember to bring a few of their favorite toys, be flexible, and have fun!

    What are your favorite family friendly destinations? Comment below with your own list of the best places to travel with kids.

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    • Pam

      Hawaii is our favorite destination. Great beaches a snorkeling. Maui and Big Island are great for kids. Kauai is my favorite. No passports needed, can use cell phones without international charges, us dollars-but still feel like you are in paradise.

      • Libby

        Thanks, Pam! You are right, it is paradise-
        I actually have only been to Oahu so I can’t wait to get to the other islands with the kids.
        We would love to hear your vacation stories and see pictures if you would care to share your story!

    • Kaamna

      absolutely love hawaii! have not made it out to mexico yet but it’s top of my list! We have hit up some glorious destinations around the world you can see them at

    • Lacy

      This is a great article!

      Here is an interesting post about some of the best parks in the US to take your kids. A lot of them I haven’t even heard of before: