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Happy New Year everyone! My New Year’s resolution this year is a little different than what I usually do, (you know the “I need to eat better, hit the gym, be more organized”…) this year my resolution is 2-fold: 1. Travel more and 2. To golf every month this year. For those of you in warm states that probably doesn’t sound that hard but I live in Minnesota or as we like to call it, Minne-snow-ta, so it’s a little difficult to golf November – April.
But let’s focus on my list of places to visit in 2011:

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – The beaches here are some of the best in the world! Not to be outdone by the beaches, the hotels in Punta Cana are beautiful as well. Punta Cana is quickly becoming a top destination for beach getaway…especially for all-inclusive vacations.
  • Europe – I guess I am open to going anywhere in Europe, as I have never been, but I am thinking I want to hit either London, Ireland, Paris, or Amsterdam this year. The history in all of these places is what intrigues me the most. Plus, if I go to Ireland I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and golf at some of the oldest and most historic courses in the world!
  • Walt Disney World® Resort – I realize that this isn’t quite as exotic as Punta Cana or as historic as Europe but I love Walt Disney World®! Once you are there you feel like you are a million miles away from the real world. I can’t wait to go back and act like a kid again!
  • Antigua, Guatemala – I was there a few years ago for a month studying and I’ve wanted to go back ever since I returned. The culture, the people, and the scenery are so amazing. . I just love the cobblestone streets/sidewalks leading to city centers with fountains and old churches with mountains and volcanoes in the background. Lake Atitlan (Google images) is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been.
  • Of course, Mexico – I love going down to Mexico for a nice relaxing getaway and just hanging out on the beach and the by the pool. The Riviera Maya area (just south of Cancun) is my favorite place to go to escape reality, stare at the aqua blue waters and enjoy the all-inclusive vacation life.

That’s the top of my list for places to visit in 2011. Hopefully, I’ll have some good posts for you from these destinations and if I can get to all of these places, 2011 will be a great year! Is there anywhere that you think I should add to my list? I would love to have you all join me in this journey to travel more in 2011 and here your stories! Where do you want to go in 2011?

- Sean from Delta Vacations

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  • Keith

    The Dominican Republic is a good idea for a sunny vacation.

    • Tam

      Spain!!! Here I come…leaving on June 5th for Malaga. Will be there for two whole weeks…so excited. Rented a condo in malaga and a rental car for the whole time there. Already have IDL,just wondering if GPS will be in english? Plan to see Madrid and a few other cities. Sure it will be a blast…Tam

  • John at PVD

    Europe is the best. Italy and Paris are the most romantic place I have ever been. Although I have heard about the tax you pay in Rome where in you pay more tax with more star hotel.

    Another country in Europe is Spain. Everything is there, so you might wanna go and see what I am talking about.

  • Luciano

    Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place to visit, has wonderful beaches for relaxing and enjoy. In my vacations, also did a Cabo San Lucas Tours spend a wonderful time

    Luciano Puerto Vallarta Hotels

    • Russell

      I like you picture it sure looks like the Barcelo Palace property on the Riviera Maya near Porto Adventuras. I have been there the past two years and waiting for a vacation sale for this summer’s third trip!! The resort is beautiful.

      • Sean

        You were close it is a Barcelo property but it is the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Glad to hear you like the Barcelo in the Riviera Maya so much, it is a great property! If you want to try out a different Barcelo property I would highly recommend the Bavaro Palace Deluxe and we have a deal going on with that specific resort right now:

        Also, you’ll get special amenities and treatment staying at Barcelo Resorts if you book with Delta Vacations because of our exclusive all-inclusive plus program with them. Let me know if you need any help with planning your trip when you are ready!

        Sean from Delta Vacations

  • Sean

    Ian – yes you are right the beaches and people are so great down in Mexico. I have been down there numerous times in the last year and I have not felt threatened or unsafe at any point. The bulk of everything is happening in the border towns in Mexico so the tourist areas are still safe. But just like going to any unfamiliar city use good judgement and you will be fine. I love Mexico!

  • Lynne

    Sean, London & Ireland are perfect choices for a 1st visit to Europe. It’s Europe, but they speak English (of a sort!) Scotland’s got some great golfing too!! You can check out my pics of Paris & Amsterdam on my site to tempt you, & I LOVED Spain & Portugal too. Maybe go exotic & go to Istanbul—one word, fabulous!!